RL78-I1A Self programming FSL_ChangeInterrupt issue

Hi All:

As the title , when I use FSL to update my flash data. I also needs to execute a timer interrupt (TAU0 channel 0).
I follow the FSL user guide to redirect the interrupt routine to RAM area . But the interrupt will entry only once even I add interrupt flag clear.

Is there have some example for this kind application? or some suggestion?



  • Good day, andrew01!

    How are things going for you? Have you referred to this user's manual? In page 1002, it says, "to prohibit an interrupt during self-programming, in the same way as in the normal operation mode, execute the flash self-programming library in the state where the IE flag is cleared (0) by the DI instruction. To enable an interrupt, clear (0) the interrupt mask flag to accept in the state where the IE flag is set (1) by the EI instruction, and then execute the flash self-programming

    I hope that would be of help to you.

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  • In reply to Sai:

    Dear Sai:

    Thanks for the fast reply.


    Actually, I did EI() before the flash api.


    And this is the Self programming initialization sequence i made.


    i did copy the FSL change interrupt routine to the RAM area , but still have some trouble.

    It will enter several time and the MCU reset will happen. I checked the WDT is disable.

    Could you give me some advice? or example about the FSL_changeInterrupt.