E0000020 error when using RFP.



I am using CCRL with CS+. My application on RL78 works fine in debug mode. But when trying to program the chip with RFP, I am getting error E0000020 saying 

Pls let me know what is the reason and how to resolve the same.




  • Unfortunately the message of RFP is not readable in your screen shot.
    A program used for debugging cannot be programmed by RFP to run stand alone as for example the option bytes are set for debugging and require that a debugger is connected.
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    Hi Frank,

    RFP throws an error as below:

    Error (E000020) : The program file exceeds the flash ROM size of the target device.
    Operation failed.

    By looking error in a glance, it feels that the program size is more than the selected device's flash size. But on the contrary, it is the same device on which the workspace is created in CS+ and can be debugged without any problem. Only when programming the device using RFP, this problem shoots.

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    Have you ever checked if the code really fits in the device?
    RFP reads the device identification and the memory size from the processor.
    The debugger accepts the device setting by the user. It does not check device memory size but only the processor family.
    In RL78 several processors of the same family with different memory sizes share the same die. So it may be that a device has a larger memory than the product has from the device marking.
    BUT the additional memory is unchecked and may have damages. It is NOT recommendable to use this memory.
    Please check the available memory size of your processor.
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    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I am using 128K device and the size outputs after successful build and download of the code in CS+:
    RAMDATA SECTION: 00001658 Byte(s)
    ROMDATA SECTION: 00003150 Byte(s)
    PROGRAM SECTION: 000152f7 Byte(s)
    Hence program size is within limit. When putting the controller in debug mode after compilation, it works well. but only when it is programmed with RFP, we are getting error.