E0562320: Section address overflowed out of range : ".bss"

hi, all


I have a question about .bss out of range. i have two project.  One Project is a Bootloader project. One Project is a Application project.

 This is my Bootloader project's Section Setting,As follows.

This is my Application project's Section Setting,As follows.


This error occurs because I declare a big array.

Can the address of .bss be adjusted?

Suppose I want to use this large array!

 How do I set the address of .bss?
Is there any document for reference?


Remarks: IDE is an E2 Studio, Compiler is a CCRL Compiler, MCU is a RL78/F14 R5F10PPH.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!!


  • Hello, 小日.

    You just don't have enough room between .bss and .sdataR because .dataR starts from too high address.
    The start address of .dataR can be as low as RAM start address.
    See for RAM mapping in RL78/F14 hardware manual.

  • In reply to Okra:

    But my Bootloader project is Layout section automatically (address assigned by Compiler).

    so i can not set address as low as RAM start address.

    If I do this, when I burn the code into the MCU, the MCU will not work properly.

    The range of this MCU RAM is FBF00~FFEE0. So I modified the address of the App project, 0xFEC00--> 0xFDC00.

    MCU operation seems normal.

    I have tried to modify the address to another address, 0xFEC00 --> 0xFD000.

    My entire product includes Renesas MCU and Touch IC (Touch Panel).

    I pressed a key, it will cause Reset. But the other buttons will not generate Reset

    Only one button will be generated

    My original address (0xFEC00) does not generate Reset.

    Is there a relationship between the address and Reset?

    Any suggestions for changing the address?


    Thanks for your help!!