RL78 How to from boot jump to app?

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I want to design a boot loader.  I create two project  (boot and flash).

If program start from boot area. How to jump to flash area?


IDE: e2 studio

MCU : RL78/F14 (R5F10PPH)


  • The simple way is to have the start address of the application on a fixed address and do an unconditional branch from the boot loader to this address.
        BR    application_start

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    Dear Frank,

    If my boot loader address from 0x0000~0x3FFF. Application start from address 0x4000.
    The boot loader and application file structure are same. Which file that I need to modify.
    Could you please give me a example ?
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    Please have a look at this application note.
    My recommendation is NOT to make 2 projects but to make only one project including both boot loader and application code. You can still separate both by renaming the sections for either boot loader or application and placing them in different memory blocks.
    But it makes handling of reset vector, interrupt vectors and option bytes much easier, not to speak of debug memory usage. And you can use a simple function call from boot loader to application code.

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    Dear Frank,

    Thank your information.
    My company use e2 Studio + CC-RL compiler.
    Do you know how to setup up bootloader and flash in e2 Studio ?

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    Hi Adams,

    Have you figure this one?

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