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          I am using R5F100LE microcontroller ,I want to know is there any option for voltage comparator  with my own Reference Voltage.

(ex: AIN1 (analog Port 1) as a analog input and AIN2 (analog Port 2) as my reference Voltage Input)

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    From the datasheet, it seems that there is an external vref option. You might want to take a look at the datasheet. I hope that helps.

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    Thank you Sai for your reply,as per the Datasheet You can configure AIN0 OR AIN1 can be configured as a External Voltage,but there is no data for configuring one Analog port as input and another Analog port as a reference,(like Cypress and Microchip Has),Kindly tell me ,if you Know how to do it.Thanks
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    It is not possible to make analog input pin as a reference voltage other than ANI0 and ANI1 as these pins are multiplexed with ADC reference pins AVREFP and AVREFM to connect to external voltage. However, if you select these pins as a ADC reference, then can't be used as analog input. You can still use other pins ANI2-ANI19 as a ADC input.