where are binary file of r_main.c from e2 studio tool

Hi minasan!

I already compiled r_main.c file at e2 studio, but not understand about location of binary file(last file of all steps of compiler) before import to board.

Thanks for your support!

  • I'm sorry, but I don't understand the question.
    Do you mean you don't know where the linker output file?
    e2 studio make creates output directories for each build configuration in the project directory. On the top level of this directory you find the linker output files. Underneath this e2 studio replicates the directory structure of the source files and places the compiler and assembler outputs there.
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    Hi Frank

    Thanks for your help.

    I meant I need find hexa output file(binary file).

    I also saw files in *.x file in バイナリー folder(バイナリー means "binary" in english) as figure2.

    But there is not hexa/binary file(something like r_main.hex), 

    there are only file *.h(header)


    I think must have hexa/binary output file from e2 studio, but i can not find them :(




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    Hello hungnguyen,
    The Binary folder is virtual folder. You should see HardwareDebug or Debug folder.
    Object converter option should be enabled to generate hex/mot files.

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    Hi Okra,
    Thanks for your help
    I also saw HardwareDebug or Debug folder, but there is not them.
    I also searched in e2 studio manual, option for convert to binary files
    rl78-elf-objcopy -o binary (as figure)
    but it can not .
    error is "it conflicted with option -O srec(default option of e2)"
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    You can specify only one output format for objcopy.

    You can define Motorola hex-format (as you did) or you can define binary format.

    The output directory is always the same.

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    Thanks Frankl,

    So, srec is motorola S-record file.

    I also checked in my e2studio, there is only "srec" option in outputFormat, not "binary" option.

    So, the problem is from my e2studio tool. I use Version:

    How about you?



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    I use e2 studio 7.6.0 and GNURL