CS+ Code generator for R5F10NPGD


I am trying to use renesas R5F10NPGD - 128kb flash, 8kb RAm MCU for a new project.

I am using CS+ IDE ver 8.00 for application development on a windows PC.

I am not able to use the code generator utility for this device. If i select the higher MCU(R5F10NPJD - 256/8kb device) it works.

Can I use the code generated for this device(256kb/8kb) as both are 100 pin similar devices? I will create a new project with proper device and copy these files.

Any changes required in CG generator generated driver files ?

I am facing issues with debugging new sample code with new target MCU(R5F10NPGD - 128kb flash, 8kb) - any known issues ?

Early response solicited.

Thanks in advance.