RL78/L1C (R5F111MJ) High accuracy RTC


I am working on a R5F111MJ based custom board, which is fully functional in its application.

But when I try to implement the on-chip High Accuracy RTC with the code-generated functions, no RTC registers are seen to be updated in the watch window.

The Interrupt Service Routine is also not executed, when Interrupt is set for every 1 second.

All the other on-chip peripherals and I/O pins have not been used. What could be the issue?

The project has been attached here. 


  • How do you see that RTC registers are not modified without a debugger? In your project debug is not enabled.
    Your main() calls R_SystemInit() although this has already been called before by cstart.asm (via hdwinit()).
  • In reply to FrankL:

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for responding.
    I don't quite comprehend what you mean by "Debug is not enabled". We have been using a Renesas E19(Serial) Hardware debugger for debugging our project until now with the same project settings. We have been able to monitor User-space variables in watch window with no issues. So we assume that similar could have been possible in case of SFR's.
    If our understanding is not correct, could you please share information on Enabling Debug Feature if there is any?
  • In reply to FrankL:

    Thanks for this information. I was unaware of this.
    Now I changed this setting to 'used' and also removed R_SystemInit() from main().
    The registers are still not seen to be updated.
    What should be done?