Error in linker file,while i'm changing Starting address.

i want to create 2 projects, one is BSW and another one is ASW (application ) in R5F10BMG , for that, I want to create separate linker file, one is of starting address from 0x0000 to 0x004000 , and another one from 0x004002 to 0x00B400. But it was generating error. 

(E) E3212 RA78K0R error E3212: Default segment can't allocate to memory - ignored F1.mtpj

  • The memory range 0x0000-0x4000 (better would be 0x3FFF) includes reset vector, interrupt vector table, debug memory. Such areas (and may be some others) are fixed to certain addresses and cannot be moved. Also for a project that uses 0x4000-0x7FFF as program area before mentioned sections must be placed at the defined addresses.
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    Can you please help me, how to change the default segment address, for the application I want to , (0x4000 to B400 ) and i want to change ivt table , reset vector and debug memory.
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    You cannot change interrupt vector table, reset vector, debug memory, option bytes, ... . These have fixed addresses.
    And I don't use CA78K0R as it is out-of-date for a long time.