RL78G13 Data flash problem

Hello, I wondering if somebody have the same issue than me with the RL78 G13, I'm using the FDL RL78 TYPE 4 Lib for read write and erase data every was working fine until I setup the timer array unit.


If I left the TAUEN bit to 1 I can read the memory but if I try to write the program stops with the message "Break at address "0xd748" with no debug information available, or outside of program code." 


in the past I used the timer array unit and data flash libs with no problem but for some reason in this new project I had this issues.

I hope someone have information about this.


thanks in advance.

  • Which RL78/G13 device number are you using?
    If the Code Flash size is 64KB or 256KB or 512KB, generally you will need to specify User RAM starting at 136Byte above the start of RAM when using FDL T01 (PFDL T04). Refer to the Self-RAM document at:


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    Im using the R5F100BGANA#U0 that is 128KB code flash, let me check the document, Thanks Mike.
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    Has your issue been resolved?

    Mike Clements
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