EEPROM Emulation Library - Type T02

Maybe someone used this library and will be able to give me a solution.
In accordance with the recommendations connected libraries and configured parameters


eel_status_t ee_state;
eel_request_t ee_request;
unsigned char bb [2] = {0xbe, 0xda}, aa [2] = {0x55, 0xaa};

ee_state = EEL_Init (); // return EEL_OK
EEL_Open ();
ee_request.identifier_u08 = 1;
ee_request.command_enu = EEL_CMD_STARTUP;
ee_request.address_pu08 = bb;
EEL_Execute (& ee_request);
do {
EEL_Handler ();
} while (ee_request.status_enu == EEL_BUSY);


the reason for which it may be

EEL or FDL not initialized or not opened
wrong handling on user side
initialize and open EEL before using it
and none of them suit me, so how does it work?

  • decided to protest Type 01
    to the command EEL_CMD_FORMAT
    #define FDL_SYSTEM_FREQUENCY 16000000L
    / * programming voltage mode * /
    / * #define FDL_WIDE_VOLTAGE_MODE * /
    / * specify the size of the pool
    #define FAL_POOL_SIZE 4
    / * specify the pool in the pool;
    #define EEL_POOL_SIZE 4
    R5F1006C 4kB D-Flash chip
    Everything is done in accordance with the description, why is it not working?
    Or is it originally bugs?
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    Hi andrvisht,

    Have you already solved this issue?

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator

  • In reply to JB:

    Thanks for the links, but I do not believe in support.
    Nevertheless, the issue was resolved, the problem was that the date of the flash was not cleared and its data was perceived by the library as marked with the BAD sector. So The library does not act correctly in the matter of formatting, but we will leave it on the developers' conscience.