RL78/F13 code generator issue


Right now I'm using CA78K0R compiler for RL78/F13 micro-controller with CS+ IDE. On creating a project, I'm not able to find start code generated with it. Kindly help me with this. Please give me some assistance if I need to write startup code on my own.

Please find attached screen shots


Thank you.....

  • Please do NOT use CA78K0R. The compiler is old and of inferior quality compared to CC-RL.

    In CS+ please open the windows for "Device Pin List" and "Device Top View". You should see the pin list and the device picture.

    The go back to Code Generator. Hopefully you will now see the correct code generator window.

    I tried this twice with RL78/G13 and your RL78/F13. The trick worked both times.