Error E3206 : @CODEL segment - Cannot allocate memory - ignored



I am using MCU Renesas - R5F102AA and IDE - Cubesuite++ C78K0R v 2.xx.xx, whenever the code goes bigger the following error observed

 "E3206 : @CODEL segment - Cannot allocate memory - ignored".

The code size now is 10KB and another 6KB is left blank as per HEXVIEW.


Below are my questions

1. Why this error comes and how to solve the issue?

2. I saw some blogs and their suggestion to use some other IDE and the cubesuite gives this error always. If I have to use some other IDE, which one is compatible to Cubesuite+? So that, I should not suppose to change any code and the entire code should get build successfully in the new IDE.

3. Is the error is because of near and far functions allocations? If it is, how to define the functions as near and far functions in this IDE?

Please help.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.



Manjunath AN

  • The information you give is not sufficient to decide the cause of the error.
    You always mix compiler functions and IDE functions.
    The error message is a linker error (thus compiler connected, NOT IDE).
    near and far are compiler key words and not related to IDE.
    A good compiler choice would be CC-RL in CS+ or IAR EWRL78 in IAR IDE.

    How can Hexview show 6KB are unused if no code is generated?
    Is the code start address to high so the code block exceeds the available memory size?
  • In reply to FrankL:

    Hi Frank,

    Let me explain in detail.

    I am using cubesuite+ with C78K0R compiler.
    I am in the middle of the project and if I add some more code, the above error will be observed during build. If I delete some code, it will build successfully.

    I am not sure the size of the code. I tried to observe the size in Hexview
    At the top, it will show the block with number and their range as shown below.

    Block 0 Starts at: 0x00 Ends at: 0x3FFF (Length: 0x4000=16384)

    And I found the range 0x0000 to 0x286B is filled with some values (seems like actual code binary vales) and the range 0x286C to 0x3FFFF is filled with 0xFF (blank).

    By this I may conclude that around 10K is the code size and around 6K is still blank.

    According to some document the error is because of not enough memory.

    I can share linker file, map and hex files, please tell me the procedure to upload if you want to analyze.

    In some forum, I saw the issue is because of C78K0R compiler, is it?

    Manjunath AN