RL78/F14 bootloader


1. How to implement bootloader  programing via Bluetooth.

2. Rl78/F14 bootloader flow chart and memory mapping.

3.provide Rl78/f14 bootloader source code

  • Hi Swami,

    I asked Mike regarding your concern and this is his response:

    The short answer is not in one place. You would always have to piece together and customize for your own specific needs.

    The long answer is an RL78 MCU Bluetooth bootloader would probably need 3 separate pieces of SW:

    (1) The Bluetooth SW driver, but you didn't say which Bluetooth device you're planning to use. (RL78/G1D Bluetooth or 3rd party Bluetooth chip). RL78/F14 MCU doesn't have Bluetooth.  RL78/G1D probably has a mass storage software driver, but he's still going to ask his colleague.

    (2) For any RF download of new code image, the full image almost always needs to be stored completely in an external serial Flash or serial EEPROM memory.  This is since RF transmission can get interference or fail midstream in download.  We have some app notes on serial memory interface.

    (3)The actual code image re-flashing procedure.  We have app notes/code examples showing bootloader operation using RL78 FSL in both e2studio and CS+ IDEs, with CC-RL compiler tools.  These are example using a serial download (UART, 3wire CSI, and I2C):

    R01AN2849EJ0100 (CSI)

    R01AN2850EJ0100 (I2C)

    R01AN2761EJ0100 (UART)

    The serial operation would be replaced by the Bluetooth communication and storage of Code image into external FLASH or EEPROM.

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator