copy the Data Flash Block_4 to Block_0

I am new to Renesas,

I am using R5F104BC.

I want to read the data of the last 86 bytes from block_4 and write it on the 0 address of block_0.

How can I do it?

  • For Data flash write you must use RL78 self-programming library, like RL78 FDL T04 (PFDL) which is the simplest Data Flash library. You can read from RL78 Data flash by setting DFLEN = 1; then waiting for stabilization time and read the memory value, or else you can read RL78 Data flash by using the PFDL library.

    You can download RL78 PFDL T04 library from Renesas Europe MyPages:

    You will need to be registered as a customer with Renesas.
    and you will need to have a Renesas MyPages login and password.