Should enable the interrupt which is set the activation source for DTC to enabel DTC?

Now I'm using DTC transfer adc datas to ram.Enabling the ADC interrupt,it works;Disable the ADC interrupt,it doestn't work(Enableing the ADC interrupt disrupts my  proram's timing ).Is there a way that disabling  the ADC interrupt but DTC stills Work?THANKS!!!

  • I'm Using rl78/f13 in CS+ FOR CA.
  • In reply to flyingbird:

    (1) You should NOT use CA78K0R compiler for RL78. CC-RL is a much better compiler.
    (2) It is not necessary to activate an interrupt to use DTC. DTC uses only the peripheral interrupt request for trigger. Interrupt request is also set if an interrupt is disabled. Otherwise software polling of interrupts would never work. DTC can forward the interrupt request to the interrupt controller, but it is not mandatory for DTC to work (fig. 19-1 in RL78/F13 Hardware User's Manual).
    Do you use CodeGenerator in CS+ to generate initialization code for peripherals?
    Please check the application note for use of DTC with AD converter.