enable ECC function rl78/fx


Have anybody a complete RAM_ECC function which implementation for real-tiem program?



  • Hi Mazich,

    I'm not sure if there's a sample code shared publicly for RAM-ECC Function. Have you tried following this application note? However, you may try asking Renesas Technical Support if they have it and if they can provide it to you.

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    Hi Mazich,
    Are you using RL78/F13, or F14, or F15 MCUs. These all have Hardware based RAM-ECC, and the app note JB references shows how to use RAM-ECC for F13 and F14. I believe F15 has the exact same HW RAM-ECC function.

    If you are asking about Software RAM-ECC for other RL78 MCUs without HW RAM-ECC, I have never seen any sample code for RL78 Software RAM-ECC.

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    Thanks for response,

    I used Applilet3 for code generation. some part of the generated code is contrary with the Flow Chart of ECC Test Function (Figure 4-2/r01an2164ej0220-rl78f13-14.pdf).

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    Which IDE, compiler and Code generator versions are you using?

    I tried using Applilet3 for RL78/F13 v1.15 code generator and set the device number to R5F10BMG.
    All I see are "shell" function for the following:
    ECC interrupt START
    ECC interrupt STOP
    ECC interrupt processing
    Maybe I am missing something, but I don't think RL78 Code generator is conflicting with the r01an2164ej0220-rl78f13-14.pdf RAM ECC processing flowchart.

    You can also see these above Applilet code functions listed in the API document from:

    Sorry, I have not used RL78/F13 RAM ECC function, but I use Applilet3 and AP4 code generator for many other RL78 MCUs. In general, RL78 Code generator does NOT generate the complete USER SW code, but it just has the Peripheral function initialization, START, STOP and Interrupt Processing shells. However, I think you will have to add in the Figure 4-2 Flowchart processing Software code yourself.

    If you have some newer RL78/F13 code generator version than I have, and it has more RAM ECC code functions, please let me know so I can check it.

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    Dear JB

    In the application note/ Page 15 of 39/ Figure 4-2 Flow Chart of ECC Test Function/ "Read the data written to RAM", How Can read the data written to RAM, when I don't know where it's written?

    Can you explain more the "Write to RAM" and "Read the data written to RAM" boxes?