Interfacing SD card with RL78


i want to interface SD card to R5f100FE in my application. Please help me

  • If you go to RL78 Sample download area:
    Download RL78/G14 Sound Playback/Compression Demonstration for RL78/G14 CPU Board
    an_r20an0194ej0102_rl78_s2_sound app note and sample project contains an MMC Software driver

    Even though the listed target MCU is RL78/G14, the SW driver can be used on RL78/G13

    You will need a MyRenesas registration to download Software.


  • In reply to Mike Clodfelter:


    I am trying to import the libraries to my project but it doesn't work, I am sure I am not doing it correctly,
    Is there any tutorial how to do it?

    I just want to open, write in a txt file in the sd card and close,