Basic Tutorials (Timer, Interrupt, GPIO, ADC, Watch Dog Timer, QPI Flash Memory) for the S5D9 IOT Fast Prototyping Kit

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IOT community has some basic lessons (created by Eric) for the S7G2-DK board.  I have used his work to develop the same basic lessons for S5D9 IOT board.  I also used the recent SSP 1.3.0 instead of SSP 1.1.3 that was used by Eric.  In addition, I added the PWM lesson which is based on the recent exciting servo motor tutorial created by Dan (an honorable member of the IOT community).     Each lesson has a document that shows the hardware setup and the driver configurations.   

1. S5D9 lab led loop - on board LED

2. S5D9 lab led timer - on board LED

3. S5D9 lab led timer interrupt - on board LED

4. S5D9 lab GPIO input (interrupt) - PMOD port, external push button and LED/resistor

5. S5D9 lab PWM - PMOD port, Servo Motor

6. S5D9 lab WDT (timer) - on board LED

7. S5D9 lab ADC MIC USBX Float - on board microphone

8. S5D9 lab QPI Flash - on board Micron's QPI NOR Flash Memory

(Note: This is the right link to my blog page. I am unable to correct the link name to reflect what the tutorials are.  If you are concerned, just go

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The above link goes to my blog page.   There will be more information there regarding what are needed to start your lessons.


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  • I found a minor mistake in my codes. I am using the wrong pin assignment for the red led pin which is used to indicate if error has occurred from opening the driver. The red led pin is P1_13 (not P6_1) for the S5D9 IOT board. Because all the examples work here, you will not notice this mistake. I will correct this mistake later.
  • After review, I did not have the pin assignment mistake. I was looking at another code for S7G2. Sorry. I did find one mistake in the S5D9_lab_gpio_input project.

    I corrected these two values in hal_entry.c
    #define LED_ON 1
    #define LED_OFF 0

    The repository is updated.

    Please ignore my last reply regarding the pin assignment mistake.

    Best regards,
  • This is a super-useful set of tutorials for the S5D9 board, which is part of the AE-CLOUD1 kit. Mike also just helped me get the AE-CLOUD1 kit working with SECT.  He even wrote a great tutorial for me that was easier for me to use compared to the guide that came with the SECT files download.   I'm going to create a separate topic to make this guide easier to find. You can also download it here.

  • Big thanks to @mike for making this available, I am going to be using it today and this weekend. I bet it saves me a TON of time. Thank you!
  • If anyone needs a board, there's a 50% discount coupon available.  People can dip their toe into the water with just the S5D9, which is $35 prior to the 50% discount.