Pin access on the MikroE connector


I'm new to the toolchains on FSP.

what I need to do is toogle the CS pin on the mikroE connector to High and Low. the CS pin on the on the relay click board is relay2. 

I did this for the NXP board by toggling the Port/PIN.

I'm reviewing the EK-rA2L1 on and my notes on what I have done so far to try and get this working is defined here at  Appendix C -- Pin access on the MikroE connector

Basically I read the resource material and tried to figure out How to access the The CS pin on the MickroE BUS connector in the "System Central & Ecosystem Access" section of the board..

  • I found the reference to the CS pin  in the  EK-RA2L1 v1 - User's Manual  In section 5.3.5. The Page is pictured below for reference.
  • I referred to "Table16. mickroE Connector"
    • The row for the CS pin (highlighted) the signal is on P103. This is what I used to lookup the pin in the FSP configurator Described below.
    •  created a new C/C++ project based using the Blinky Bare Metal template. as described in the FSP manual
    • Then in the FSP configuration viewer, on the "Pins Tab" I found the CS pin information displayed below. by clicking on P103
      • I did not change anything on this page I assumed it was all set.

      • I modified the hal_entry.c code as follows
        • Added - include "r_ioport.h"
        • Added - the define for led pin to BSP_IO_Port_01_Pin_03
        • I tried the following 2 module methods:
        • Used call for BSP write and it did not work
        • So I tried R_IOPORT_PinWrite(&g_ioport_ctrl, RELAY1, pin_level); and that also did not work

    I'm stuck at this point and need to answer some questions..

      • What am I missing?
      • Is there another Module I need to add?
      • Am I using the right API?
      • Ho do you reference a pin on the access area of the board?
      • Is it like the LED pin reference in Blinky?

      I started looking for other examples that refer to some pins in  the  

      Kind Regards.

      Stephen Kruglewicz

      Element14 reviewer