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In RA smart Configurator, uart stack option cannot be generated, and uart stack can be added manually, only starting from uart0, uart1 cannot be configured as needed

In RA smart Configurator, why I completed the settings of SCI1 and ports in the pins option, but the uart configuration item does not appear in the stack option.

  • Which version of the FSP are you using? Which RA device are you using? Which version of e2studio or the RASC are you using?

  • Jeremy, please tell my why, it is my first time to use RA2L1 series MCU, we will use this series MCU in thefuture. Thank you very much.

  • I have no problem adding the UART driver and setting the channel to 1 using RASC 2021-04 with FSP 3.1.0 :- 

  • Yes, maybe I know why I can not to do it, I am not very familiar with RASC yet. It can choose which channel and then it will be fine.Thank you Jeremy. Best wish.

  • Hi Jeremy, need your help, when add uart1 stack and then generate project content, when i built in keil, a error occured as following picture.Do you know what is the meaning? user_uart_callback it should be redefine and implement by user?

  • The user has to create the callback function user_uart_callback

  • Hi Jeremy, I want to ask for you something about GPT. What are the meaning of these two event.

  • Refer to the GPT section of the RA2L1 User's Hardware Manual, section 20.

    Section, , basic operation should give you an indication of what is happening.  For example:

    This diagram shows the GPT counting up, and resetting its count value on overflow, or at GTPR (period value) At this point the GPT can generate an event - GPT COUNTER OVERFLOW.  As the counter counts up, the count value is compared with the value in the GTCCRA ( Compare Capture Register A)  If a compare match occurs, an event can be generated - GPT CAPTURE COMPARE)

    It is via these overflows & compare matches that the GPT can generate output waveforms, and it enabled, interrupts.

  • OK, I See , Thank you Richard.
    And then, i have another problem  about VEE on flash, why the Reflesh Buffer Size is 32, but the API for writing VEE is 8bit ? 

  • When a sector becomes full of records, the most recent record for each ID is copied to the next sector. Then that sector becomes the active sector for writing until it fills up. The copying process, referred to as sector refresh, requires a buffer for transferring records. For the most efficient transfer, the buffer should be large enough to hold the largest record including its header and trailer. The default size is 32. This constant is only modified by advanced users who may need to optimize RAM usage or refresh time.

  • OK ,thank you very much. 

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