RA6M3 USB-HS HID sample project

Dear All,

I checked ra-fsp-examples and found usb_phid_ek_ra6m3_ep project.

However it only supports USB Full-Speed. 

Is there any other sample projects supported USB High-Speed HID?

Or you can provide some documents to support USB-HS HID (device mode)?



  • There appear to be several projects in the latest example package that support USB-HS, for example from the readme file in the project folder "usb_pmsc_ek_ra6m3_ep":

    1. Project Overview:
        This example project demonstrates basic functionalities of USB PMSC driver with FreeRTOS on Renesas RA MCUs
        based on Renesas FSP. FreeRTOS uses the underlying Block media driver.
        The PMSC driver internally configures memory device (sdcard) to pop up as a memory drive on host PC.
        Error and info messages will be printed on JlinkRTTViewer.

    Configuration changes to switch Speed in USB configurator and Bus Width in SDHI configurator:

        Full-Speed : (EK-RA6M1, EK-RA6M2, EK-RA6M3, EK-RA6M3G and EK-RA6M4 boards)
            Setting USB module to be used  :    Using USB0 module
            USB Speed                      :    Full Speed
            USB Module Number              :    USB_IP0 Port

        High-Speed : (EK-RA6M1, EK-RA6M2, EK-RA6M3 and EK-RA6M3G)
            Setting USB module to be used  :    Using USB1 module
            USB Speed                      :    Hi Speed
            USB Module Number              :    USB_IP1 Port

  • Dear All,

    Finally I got RA6M5 EVK and started with usb_phid_ek_ra6m5 project and refer usb_pmsc_ek_ra6m5 as a kind of reference of USB-HS. I added g_apl_hs_configuration to g_usb_descriptor and rebuild the project.

    However the USB-HS port (J31) is not working and only USB-FS port (J11) is OK.

    And then I checked the source codes. There is only suspected point in the phid_main_thread.c under ra_gen directory.



    const usb_cfg_t g_basic_cfg =
    { .usb_mode = USB_MODE_PERI, .usb_speed = USB_SPEED_FS, .module_number = 0, .type = USB_CLASS_PCDC,


    const usb_cfg_t g_basic_cfg =
    { .usb_mode = USB_MODE_PERI, .usb_speed = USB_SPEED_HS, .module_number = 1, .type = USB_CLASS_PCDC,


    After modified it manually, I can see USB-HS HID at J31.

    However phid_main_thread.c should not be modified manually because it is generated.

    How should I do to have the same result without manual modification?



  • It is configured in the properties of the USB Driver :-

  • Got it and many thanks,


  • Hi Jeremy,

    I follow your information and tried to change USB Speed and USB Module Number as the below.

    However it showed "The PHID does not support Hi-speed."

    How can I solve it? Or just ignore it?

    Best regards,


  • THE documentation for FSP 3.1.0 for PHID shows :-

    so set the USB Speed to Full Speed in the configurator (and USB Module number to USB_IP1 Port) to remove the error in the configurator.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    How should I do if I would like to make PHID driver to support USB Hi-speed mode and DMA transaction?