EK-RA6M3 mcuBoot - Does it support secondary image in external flash?


It says in the pros that : "Encrypted image support available when using external flash".

But in the section that I highlighted, it says "FSP v3.0.0 does not support image storage in external flash memory and image encryption". 

I'm confused, can I store my new image in an external QSPI flash or not?


  • Hi,

    Although MCUBoot has the ability to store images in different memory types the RA port in the FSP 3.x.x only supports internal code flash.

    The file \ra\fsp\src\rm_mcuboot_port\flash_map.c contains the implementations for RA for the read/write/erase functions. When these functions are called a flash_area pointer is passed to them which contains information on the flash area being accessed. Currently this information is only used to calculate the address for writing and erasing and all flash is considered internal so the FSP flash driver is called. This file could be modified to support external flash. Whether internal or external flash was being used would be determined from the ID in the flash_area structure.

    So, MCUBoot can use external flash but the current FSP implementation does not make use of this feature.


  • Hi Ian,

    Is it planed to add this to the FSP 3.x.x in the next weeks? like this summer Slight smile



  • Hi,

    Support for external memory is planned but I don't have a timescale for it at the moment.


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