I am debugging the Host USB function of RA4M2, the goal is to write file data to U disk.So I need to support a file system

(FATfs).I know that EK_RA4M2 has HMSC routines,but I don't need FreeRTOS.

1.I don't know how to create HMSC in smart configurator. When creating PMSC, an error will occur?

2.And I don’t know if HMSC is similar to PMSC?

3.The structure I only need: FATFS+U disk.

  • Hi Billy,

    Based on FSPv3.1.0 or older version, there are three limitations as below, which will be addressed by the next FSP version.

    - The Block Media on USB Middleware is not able to create through FSP configuration in the non-RTOS base project.
    - The USB HMSC driver is not able to create through FSP configuration in the non-RTOS base project.
    - The FreeRTOS Plus FAT exists the RTOS dependencies even though the non-RTOS bas project is used.

    For current workaround, you can refer to my example project, which implements HMSC driver and Block Media inside the application SRC folder instead of RA/FSP folder, and the FreeRTOS Plus FAT source has been updated to eliminate the RTOS dependencies.

    setup instructions - 

    1. Download the "usb_hmsc_non_rtos_ek_ra4m2_fsp310.zip" and "Lab-Project-FreeRTOS-FAT.zip" via link below
    2. Import the RA4M2 project from the "usb_hmsc_non_rtos_ek_ra4m2_fsp310.zip".
    3. In the project explorer window, open FSP configuration and click Generate Project Content.
    4. Once the RA folder is generated automatically, find the "Lab-Project-FreeRTOS-FAT" source which is under "ra/freertos/Lab-Project-FreeRTOS-FAT"
    5. Extract the downloaded "Lab-Project-FreeRTOS-FAT.zip" and copy all files.
    6. Paste the files to overwrite the original "Lab-Project-FreeRTOS-FAT" source in your RA project.

    password: Renesas@1234
    This URL will expire on July 21, 2021 9:39 AM (UTC+08:00)

  • Thank you very much CP.I will try your method.FSP 3.1.0 has some limitations and HMSC cannot be added.In this way, I cannot transplant the FATFS system by myself.Other MCU methods are to provide the U bottom layer operation, and then the customer directly adds to the FATFS bottom layer.

  • Hello Billy,

    Have you tried the method suggested by CP? Did it work for you?

    Kind regards,

    Sergey Sokol

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator


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