Configuration errors in RA2L1 controller.

Dear All,

I have these errors popping up when configuring R7FA2L1AB3CFM.

Renesas e² studio

Version: 2020-10 (20.10.0)

Build Id: R20200911-1845 

FSP : 2.0.0-rc.0

1. I have include I2C0 master driver-channel 1, timer0 driver with Overflow Interrupt enable, before I include CAN driver. 

The error is shown in the picture.


I have included CAN driver first, later tried I2C0 master -channel : 1 

The error is shown in the picture.


3.I have included CAN driver first, later included I2C0 master -channel : 0 (not 1 this time) and added timer0 driver with overflow interrupt.

The error is as shown in the picture.

Note: with i2c channel 0, there is no error.


There are no pin conflicts while configuring, tried configuring driver first and pins next and also vice versa, but the result is same.

So, Interrupts of one driver has conflicts with another. 

Our design is exact replica of design with RA4M1AB3CFM controller, which is pin compatible with RA2L1AB3CFM. I didnt find any error while configuring with RA4M1 controller.


I need your help in resolving this.

Thanks in advance.