R-Car H3 SK + KF Camera interface


   We have H3 SK (RTP0RC77951SKBX010SA03, 8GiB(Samsung 2GB x4), Single Rank) and KF (SBEV-RCAR-KF-M06Board).

    And we have LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-NANO-H136 camera sensor module and trying to interface with RCar -H3 SK + KF platform.

   We followed R-Car/Boards/Yocto-Gen3/v5.1.0 - eLinux.org to build the Linux and able to boot the system.

   Is it possible to connect LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-NANO-H136 module to CN48 of the KF board?

   If possible is there any configuration needs to be taken care in DTB / kernel?

Please give your input.

Best regards,


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  • Hi Gohda,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Please refer below comments on your feedback and share your further inputs,

    1. Are you using ulcb-kf-imx219.dtbo?

    Yes. Below is the boot command we use,

    bootcmd='tftp 0x48080000 Image; tftp 0x48000000 r8a77951-ulcb-kf.dtb;tftp 0x48040000 ulcb-kf-imx219.dtbo;booti 0x48080000 - 0x48000000

    fdt=addr 0x48000000; fdt resize 8192; fdt apply 0x48040000

    2. Do you see "imx219" as below?

    No, I don't get any O/P on this command.

    root@h3ulcb:~#media-ctl -d /dev/media0 -p | grep imx219

    But, the option is enabled in the config. Please refer below.

    root@h3ulcb:~# zcat /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_VIDEO_IMX219

    Best regards,