[Rcar H3 Android] While doing fastboot oem partition, Where or What is the partition definition?

I am doing the Android Booting from Uboot, There are 2 questions:

1) Doing: fastboot oem format, Where or What is the partition definition?

2) How to boot Android Images from SD card?



  • Please, find the answers for abowe questions:

    1) Fastboot supports OEM (original equipment manufacturer) command extensions (such as fastboot oem lock/unlock) which should be implemented by vendor.
    fastboot oem format - is a command for creating new GPT table on eMMC for further flashing appropriate partitions. It should be done if partition table was modified or was not created before.

    2) The current Android release doesn't support booting from external eMMC card. At the first step it can be achieved by modifying default bootcmd command in U-Boot, creating GPT table on a SD card, flashing images, and etc:
    bootcmd=boota 1 boot 0x4C000000 ==> bootcmd=boota 2 boot 0x4C000000. The second parameter is used for defining MMC slot for booting (1 slot is internal eMMC card)
    But it may not be enough and some additional code & config modifications may be needed.

    Best regards, Dmytro

  • Hello, Dean.

    Regarding your question about "fastboot oem format":
    You can find the definition of partition table in the Renesas Android U-Boot project file:
    const struct oem_part_info oem_partition_table[FASTBOOT_OEM_PARTITIONS] ...


  • Thanks,

    I'v found the partition table in uboot,

    the path is u-boot/drivers/usb/gadget/f_fastboot_cb_oem.c

  • Hi dean,

    Do you have any updates?

    If this issue has been solved,
    can we close this question?

  • Yes, please. The question has been solved.

  • 1) The partion table is in DIR=u-boot/drivers/usb/gadget/f_fastboot_cb_oem.;

    2) The SDCard can be used by switching to "mmc dec 0" , so the android is able to be booted from SD-card as the effect of onboard EMMC.