Suspend 2 Ram with R-Car H3 Starterkit board


I'm currently playing with the suspend 2 ram (s2r) functionality of the R-Car H3 Starterkit board (H3SK). I was wondering how it is supposed to work without any additional boards connected to the  Com Express port. The Bl2 checks during boot if the BKUP_TRG (controlled by the PMIC) is set, if it reads "1" it skips the BL3(u-boot) and continuous  from the previous state in RAM. Now the BKUP_TRG is only connected to the CPLD on the H3SK and I can't find any direct connection towards the SoC. Also, the BL2 tries to read the state of GP1_08 which is for sure not connected to the BKUP_TRG signal from the PMIC.

I tested s2r with a different pin (connected to one of the free dip switches), changed the state manually and it worked fine.

Am I missing something? According to some[1] pages, it should work. But to my understanding this can't be the case without software (BL2) and/or hardware modifications