Using EGL/OpenGL ES without Weston on the R-Car platform

We would like to use the DRM/GBM interface to aquire native handles for EGL on the R-Car platforms with Linux OS.

This seems to be the right way according to the eglplatform.h in the R-Car E3 Linux SDK if we do not want to use a compositor like Weston but we see segmentation faults when calling eglCreateWindowSurface with handles acquired from gbm_create_device and  gbm_surface_create.

We used a Yocto 3.15.0 based SDK.

We used the sample from Khronos to check why our approach does not work. This sample does not work out of the box. After changing all occurrences of GBM_FORMAT_XRGB8888 to GBM_FORMAT_ARGB8888 it shows the same behavior as our application.

Is there any sample how to use EGL on Linux on the R-Car [E|M|H]3 without a compositor or window manager?

  • Hello Alex!

    How's it going? Do you have any progress on this? I do hope you could wait for others who are experts to respond to this.

    Thank you and all the best!


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  • In reply to Sai:

    Hi Sai

    If you want to use R-Car E3, we can't support you here so please contact disbtributor.
    For R-Car Starter Kit Premier(H3) and Pro(M3), please use the Yocto v4.1.0.
    This version doesn't use Wayland/Weston.
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    Do you have any updates?

    If this issue has been solved,
    can we close this question?
  • Hi Alex,

    This question has been opened but there is no reply for a long time.
    We have a tentative answer already, so I will close this question.
    If you have any updates or want to ask another question, please post new question.