ECC test procedure clarification

Hi all,

I need a clarification regarding the ECC test feature and test patterns (refer to Safety app note).

I have enabled the ECC function in my application. I now need to test it (to show that my software is working), so from what I can understand about the ECC test features, to test the Code Flash ECC, I just need to read a pattern from one of the test patterns present in the flash extra area 3.

If the ECC on my microcontroller was configured correctly an error flag should be raised depending on the type of pattern read from memory.

Is my understanding of the ECC test module correct?



  • Hi Jarbas,

    Were you able to get some clarification already about ECC test procedure? It seems that no one yet responded to your issue. Please wait a little bit more. Maybe somebody can share their experience regarding ECC test. Thanks for understanding.

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator
  • Hello Jarbas,

    I am also working on ECC/EDC feature(RH850/F1L). I hope you have got real time experience on this.
    Actually I need information about these features (ECC/EDC for Code Flash/Data Flash/Local RAM Memory).

    Could you please give suggestion on this? Like how to test ECC features(test patterns etc..)

    Anand H
  • Hi Anand,

    Everything you need is described in the SAFETY APPLICATION NOTE (R01AN2152EJ0201).
    Ask your renesas contact to provide you with the document.

    Let me know then if you have any specific question

  • Hi Jarbas

    the way you think is obviously right,in ECC selftest first we need to check module whether it is working fine/not,for testing that module we have a various kinds of test patterns which is already predefined,they are' WALKING 1' Pattern which is used to test/detect 1 bit error and we have a test pattern for finding '2 bit error' and 'No error'.After verifying all of these things we will come to conclusion that module is working fine.
  • Hi everybody
    can you share an ECC source code. I be confused when enable RAM-ECC function with Applilet3 (renesas code generator), Because the production code is the opposite of the flowchart designed in the (r01an2164ej0220-rl78f13-14)
    best wishes

  • Hi,
    I am working on the Code Flash ECC, I have written the startup self-check code and it is working fine, I have got the desired result for Walking-1, All1, All0 and double bit. Now I have configured the ECC but how can I test it at run time. In the SYSERR i am checking for 1-bit and 2-bit notification.