Security code overwritten in V850ES/SJ3 - μPD70F3358

I happened to overwrite the security code area (0x70 to 0x7A. By default 0xffff....ff) with my application code after wrongly modifying the linker directive file.

If I try flashing again, my debugger ID850QB asks for the security code in this area, and I dont what is in there.

So, I took the dump of the code I had flashed, its as below :

0x00000060 : 61 00 00 00 CA 5E FF 00 - 0B 06 01 FF F2 E5 21 06

0x00000070:  3A 00 00 00 61 00 00 00 - CA 5E FF 00 0B 06 01 FF

0x00000080 : D2 DD 21 06 3A 00 00 00 - 61 00 00 00 CA 5E FF 00

I tried giving 3A00000061000000CA5E and also reverse of it : 5ECA000000610000003A. Both dont work.

The V850 manual states "Bit 7 of 0000079H is the on-chip debug emulator enable flag (0: Disable, 1: Enable)". This bit seems is 0 in my case(5E).

Probably this is the reason.

Can somebody help get over this problem. I need to flash some other software ..

1. Is there any means to erase the flash (atleast the security code area) ?

2. Tools available : debugger ID850QB + Minicube on-chip debug emulator. Beagle board (I2C/SPI).

3. Or is there any other SW tool , easily available, cheap or preferably free, to erase this location.

4. Or any hardware means, like grounding any pin on the controller to clear the flash.

Eagerly awaiting your response.