WriteEZ5 and V850 parameter file error

I'm looking for the right PRM file for μPD70F3793  V850ES/JG3-L - board is equipped with a 5 MHz oscillator

I downloaded  write_ez5_v111.zip  and  PR5-70F3738_V103 package .-70F3793_CSI0.pr5  -70F3793_CSI3.pr5 

The software WriteEZ5 returns an error / ParameterFile Read Error.

How to solve the problem.

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  • With version 1.00 (Parameter Files of PRM70F3738 (V1.00))and 1.02, the parameter file is loaded.

    I have a Renesas V850es JX3L Starter Kit, I made an update V850_OCD_FW with QBEZUTL The bootloader allowed me to do so. I guess it's a standard Renesas USB-RS232 Used in China EZ-CUBE.

    I'm reconfiguring Configuration Switch S101 - On-board Debug / Flash Programming Mode. Does not connect to the controller. it is more convenient for me to work with Chinese EZ-CUBE. Is there a possibility to return the factory firmware, I think it is recognized as version 1.00

  • V850ESJX3-L Demo- Works well through the new firmware 

  • After correctly configuring the C101, the V850ES / Jx3-L Stick works with the new version of the V850 OCD F / W E7.10a QBEZUTL and WriteEZ5 V 1.11