Programmer renesas D70F3379


Programmer E8a not manage MCU renesas D70F3379? What is the programmer i can use please?

Thank you.

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  • minicube2 or E1  can support 70F3379

  • My first response to your inquiry provided details about what programming tools support the device, I included current as well as older / obsolete tools in case you had something available.  Please follow the links to investigate the hardware and software required. 

    If all you need is a programmer I would recommend the PG-FP6 which is current, available, and supported.  Of course this is not the lowest cost option but it supports all current Renesas product and many / most older products from the NEC era and post-merger timeframe.

    If you have a Minicube2 or E1 hardware, the easiest option is to download the RFP v2 software package.

  • @JB, I thought that the E20 supported most of the targets, would you still recommend the PG-FP6? I see mentions of 15VDC on the PG-FP6... does it  support programming mask ROMs such as the Jupiter CA2 IC (a.k.a uPD703128)?

  • The E20 does support older V850 devices, but it is quite expensive due to including trace support for RX devices.  The E1/E20 & MINICUBE2 can be used with RFP to program devices, this is what most developers would use for bench programming and development.  However for a mass-production programming environment the PG-FP6 would be recommended, it just depends on how the programmer is to be used.