V850E2 - Security Questions

I noticed that both the Renesas Flash Programmer software as well as the PG-FP5 software both allow you to lock a MCU(V850E2) to disable reading of the flash. When you enter a OCD Security ID however I also noticed there doesn't appear to be a way to re-enter this ID to unlock your MCU. Does anybody know of any Renesas tools that allow you to re-enter that ID and subsequently unsecure this MCU? It would seem arbitrary to allow a user to select an ID and not be able to re-enter that ID to unsecure/unlock their MCU at a later time.

Here are the tools I've currently used and none of them appear to support it in their documentation or their software:

Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05
Renesas PG-FP5
Renesas PG-FP6

  • I am not sure that I understand what you are wanting to do. 

    The 95-bit OCDID must be entered when trying to attach via the JTAG debug interface, assuming the debug interface is enabled - this does not apply to the serial programming interface.

    What do you mean by re-enter the ID by the debugger?  If it fails authorization the first time you want to be able to try again?  Reprogram the ID once already set?