V850E/Dx D70F3425

Need on-chip debugger for V850E/Dx3. I read the MINICUBE2 support this CPU on Renesas website but only programming not debugging. It absent in recommended software CS+ for CA,CX. What is the right way to on-chip debugging D70F3425 ?

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    How are things going for you? I know of E2 emulator for RH850, but I am not sure if this can be used for D70F3425. I hope you could wait for our experts to respond to your inquiry. Thank you.

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  • Are you still looking for a debugger to use on this device?  I see that CS+ for CA/CX does not officially support the Dx3 device family, which seems strange for this vintage of device.  At the very least the older debug environment ID850QB would work with the different debuggers. 

    The Minicube (QB-V850MINI[-L]) supports the Dx3 device, from the QB-V850MINIL/QB-V850MINI (Control Code A, B, C, E) Release Note:

    The Minicube2 OPC lists support for Dx3 devices for both debugging and programming:

    I was able to get CS+ working with the Minicube (JTAG), Minicube2 (serial), and E1 (JTAG+serial) debuggers.  RFP works with the Minicube2 and E1 (used the FP6 .pr5 parameter files). QB-programmer works with the Minicube2 (used .prm parameter files).

    Had to manually add the device files to the tools, my guess of why they are not officially supported is simply due to how old the Dx3 family is relative to CS+ / RFP.  But there is no reason technically why these tools should not work to support the Dx3 devices.

  • The E2-debugger only supports new, active devices (RL78, RH850, RX, RA, RE).  Please see the On-chip Debuggers Performance Property document for details about which debugger supports which Renesas devices.

    The only on-chip debugger still available for purchase that supports V850 (and 78K) devices is the E20.  The E1, Minicube2, and Minicube debuggers that support V850 are all out of production and no longer available.  I occasionally see E1 debuggers for sale on Ebay.