Using E1 to read/write MCU flash

Hi All,

I am glad that I finally found this forum.

I am working a MCU which is 70F3477A. I decided to buy E1 since I can use it to program MCU flash and more.

I use Flash Programmer V2.05 since it support V850 family. The MCU I am working is soldered on the board which a header for flash programming and it uses CSI3 lines.

I follow information on Connection documents for E1/E20 and V850 family. 

The problem I have now is I get error message "No response from Target Microcontroller (FLMD)". I provide MCU with +3.3V

MCU has its own RESET circuit. Since E1 has rising edge RESET signal, so I don't connect it to MCU.

I hope someone can give me some insights.

Thank you all