H8/3644 programm flash

Hello. I need to program some old mcu HD64F3642AP. I have E8A emulator and FDT ver.4.08. But this tools don`t support H8/3644. May be older version FDT support. Does somebody have an exsperiance of programming flash H8/3644? I can make easy the board to set boot mode or programm mode but i dont have necessary soft ware. Please help.

  • Dose anyone have F-ZTAT ver 5.0 software? Please share whith me. This software should help.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hey Vasyl,

    If you check out this link.  You should be able to find the software that you are looking for.


    Anthony Harris

  • I added the base version V5 for F-ZTAT so you can install the updates from the homepage. http://renesasrulz.com/renesas_products/general/m/mediagallery/20.aspx

    But you can also use FDT from the Renesas homepage. http://www.renesas.com/support/downloads/download_results/C2006401-C2006500/evaluation_fdt_v4.jsp

    To use this you will have to install the Protocol A plug-in (http://renesasrulz.com/renesas_products/general/m/mediagallery/22.aspx) after installing FDT. Protocol A devices are by default not supported in the actual FDT.

  • Frankl thank you very much for your help. I hope all will be ok. When i checked and write the flash successful i will mark the discussion as answered.

  • happy

    Thank you very much!

    I have encounted a problem much like this.

    I can't program the H8S/2144  because the Flash Development Toolkit new version doesn't have the protcal A kernel,

    I'm very glad the "protocla A plug-in" link is still valid so I can solve my problem.


  • Thank you one more time Frankl. All is working. Whith F-Ztat and FDT I have programmed flash and in both cases was successful.

  • In reply to Vasyl Tkach:

    Give me the ''protocla A plug-in'' link one more,please,because it doesn't open.Or send by e-mail. sonic_z@ukr.net

  • In reply to MAX:

    Frankl could you upload the Protocol A again, I can´t reprogram with Fztat, even with your advices, Fztat keep sending me a communication error.


  • In reply to ed:


    The zip file is still available for download. Why should I upload it again?

    Unfortunately you don't give any details about your error message. If it happens at first contact I would guess your processor is not switched to flash programming mode and thus not recognised by FDT.

  • In reply to FrankL:

    Hello FrankL, i found the Protocol A and have installed. i Have the FDT 4.07 and UPB Interface. My CPU crystal frequency is 5MHz and I read that this MCU  (H8/3644F) files in Protocol A are compiled at 10MHz. So in order to program my MCU I must rebuilt these protocol A files, is that correct? if so, do you know how to do that?

    FDT doesn´t allow me to modify CPU crystal Frequency as Protocol C and D devices.

    Hope you can help me.

  • In reply to ed:

    Yes, you have to recompile for 5MHz. FDT provides all necessary sources for this.

    But you will need the old compiler for it. I would NOT recommend to compile it using a new compiler. The sources include critical timings, which will (most probably) not work when compiled with a different version.

    The Renesas sources are for H8C V.3.0A .

    The IAR version says it is for ICCH8 V.3.51A .

    Both compiler have been released around 1999-2000 and I don't see where you could get them.

    Sorry, but I guess you're stuck. I would propose to prepare a hardware with 10MHz oscillator.

  • In reply to gringo:

    Hi friends, I have E8A emulator, I need the program the old MCU HD64F3644 and programs FDT 4.09 to, cocoa do not want to use the output E8A to connect MCU 64F3644, and what conclusion you want to use the MCU, I would like to know how to do this , MCU I used P87 P86 P85 Vcc (41) Vss (15), E8A emulator I(1) (5) (11) (8) Vss2,4,6,10,12,14 tell me, please, all right, or There are errors, Thank you.

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    Разрешите представиться Gringo,

    Моим пониманием.
    E8a не переписывается, потому что это старо в поколении HD64F3644.
    (In my understanding, E8a does not support HD64F3644.)

    Человек, который понимает русский язык, очень мало.
    В человеке, видящем этот форум.
    Я рекомендую использовать английский язык.

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    Hello. I need to program some old MCU HD64F3644. I have E8A emulator and FDT ver.4.09 I don't know how to correctly connect EA to the MCU,I need to know what output you want to use from E8A Please help.