Emulate 3804 with my firmware and external memories


I don't know if I can do what I'm explaining here and that is why I need your help.

A client gave me a device that has a 3804 MCU (740 family). I need to debug the firmware code. I bought the Ea8 to do so and my first idea was doing on chip debugging and step through the instructions to understand the code. The problem is that the pins that according to the manual for the 740 family (documentation.renesas.com/.../rej10j1643_e8a_s.pdf) sould be connected are already in use by other peripheral that uses it and its the input of what I need to debug. So I could get the firmware dumping the internal flash but no debuguing the code because the pins to do so are already busy whit the peripheral I said.

So what I thought I can do is, since I have the firmware, using some emulator to step through the instructions somehow. Can I do that? DO you provide some software or hardware that I can use to upload the firmware that I already have and try to debug the code?

Thank you for your help and if you need further info please, feel free to ask.

  • Using E8a communication can ONLY be done through UART1 ports. If these are needed by your application you cannot use E8a.

    In this case you could use (PC4701U + M38000TL2-FPD + M38049RLSS) or (M38000T2-CPE + M38049RLSS.

    Does your target use a processor in SDIP? If not you would also need some kind of adapter to connect the SDIP emulation processor to your target.