where is the proper place for 38000/740series disscussion??

I newly stated a program with M38507 MCU,,but what dismay me is that I could find nothing on the web about it.

such as the c complier and the sample code for C.

I would very appropriate you if you could give me sone hints.

tell me where is the proper place for 38000/740series disscussion??

Or, if you could, please  send me some useful information to this e-mail address:coyool@163.com.

Thanks a lot!!

  • there's not much traffic on the 740 cores. The same goes for M32R and all the 4 bit stuff.

    I don't see a reason not to have a forum though.

    There is a free compiler, and the flash based 'development' chips work in HEW - I've tried it in the past.

  •        These MCU is 8bit family quite the old once from Mitsubishi. Now is supported by Renesas for the old customer.

    For new,I do not know. I was worked the project for them about ten years ago. If you want to know/get more information.

    You can go to here.


            Here is has many documents , software to download for learning   .

                Good luck.

               Niwath Jeamphue.