Data Loss while Ping to Rx64M


I stuck in  one strange scenario. I used RX64M starter kit for porting of LWIP Stack to project. The porting is successful. But during continuous Ping some times the data is getting loss (Rx64M not responding). Out of 4 packet 2/3 packet is getting lost.

I have used PHY Channel 1 of Ethernet and generated Ethernet driver using code generated.

Can any one let me know How to resolve this issue?



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  • Hi Sai,

    Thank you for your reply.

    We have done and verified the configuration as mentioned in above link. But Still there is no improvement in final output.

    In my case, board is responding to ping request some time. But some time it not responding.

    We have debug the Ethernet driver and LWIP. but unable to trace the issue.

    Can you help me to solve the issue??



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