Touch config Hal routines missing.


I have been using Cypress for the last 15 years, and their capSense for the last 5, but with some of their lead times spinning out to several years, we are looking for another supplier.

I can only think I am doing something wrong here, or missing something from the installation.

I have searched around and cannot see a solution.

I am using e2studio 10/2021 (fresh install) and the examples do not match my configuration, as in the pics.

The example has “g_touch0 TOUCH Driver on rm_touch”, yet when I add the touch to the configuration, i get “TOUCH Driver on rm _touch” and the routines from the Developers help such as

 status = RM_TOUCH_Open(&g_touch0_ctrl, &g_touch0_cfg);

don’t compile as “g_touch0_ctrl”, and “g_touch0_cfg” are undefined.

What have I missed ?

I do not have hardware yet.

Thanks in advance.