Problem with Cap Touch with QE for Capacitive Touch - on RA2L1

Hello, I'm a newbie in Renesas environment, and I'm starting a Cap Touch Project using a fresh installation of e2studio and QE for Captouch.

I have an EK-RA2L1 dev board + a cap touch board "home made" (3 buttons).

After doing all steps reported in the Application Note "Using QE and FSP to Develop Capacitive Touch Applications" (R01AN4934EJ0110 Rev.1.10), when I launch "Start Tuning", I see a message in the console (momentarily, then is overwritten by other messages) "TSCAP VOLTAGE ERROR........". Then the tuning aborts with the message:

Can't find a source file at "C:\project_IDE\e2studio\e2studio_ra_ver202007N20200409\workspace_tuning_program_RA2L1\tuning_program_ra2l1\Debug/../src/tuning_ctsu2.c"

1) reading the documentation I can't understand with certainty how TSCAP pin should be wired: only a 10nF Capacitor between TSCAP and GND or, also with an external voltage (3.3V) in parallel with capacitor?

2)I can't locate the tuning_ctsu2.c file. Where is should be located?