change start application address


I use the R7FA6M4AD3CPF device with FSP 3.4.0.

For my project, I need my application start at address 0x10000.

I duplicate the file 'memory_regions.ld' in 'memory_regions_App.ld' and modifiy the name in the file fsp.ld.

In memory_regions_App.ld, i change the 'FLASH_START' to 0x10000 and 'FLASH_LENGTH' to 0x70000.

I add this 3 rows in the debugger (Run commands) :

    set $pc = *0x00010004
    set $sp = *0x00010000
    set {int}0xE000ED08 = 0x00010000

i don't know why, but it doesn't work.

Note : the application run if i leave the start address at 0.

Thank you for your help.

Another question : How to jump to this application by another application at address 0

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