CapTouch Monitor UART version undeclared

When I enable the "Support for QE monitoring using UART" and configure the UART periphery the project doesn't build anymore.

In rm_touch.c is the communication with the CapTouch Monitor implemented. The struct with the code version(g_touch_version) is undeclared.
This causes build errors.

The touch works without "Support for QE monitoring using UART".

When the variable is replaced with for example 0 the project builds. When CapTouch Monitor connect via UART the code runs through the spot which suggest UART is correct configured. Then the CapTouch Monitor denies the connection.

The struct can't be found in the project folder or the installation folder of e2studio.

This problem occurs with new projects and with sample projects.

The e2studio version is 2021-04(21.4.0). The FSP version is 3.0.0.

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