Hands-On with IoT - New Renesas AE-CLOUD1 Kit (Thurs, Feb 22, 6pm, San Jose)

Join us Thurs, Feb 22, starting at 6pm PT in San Jose for hands-on IoT learning! Please RSVP through meetup.com: https://www.meetup.com/Learn-IoT-Community/events/247664814/

In this evening session, you will learn how to set up an AE-CLOUD1 kit and connect up to the  Renesas IoT Sandbox. You’ll login and view temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration, and noise level data on your cloud dashboard. You can also set up daily email reports with up-to-date sensor data and other statistics.

This is a hands on evening workshop focused on working through an online tutorial. Boards and sensors are provided for use during the meetup free of charge to all. But you must bring your own Windows laptop. (It must be Windows.)

The AE-CLOUD1 enables rapid evaluation, prototyping and development of cloud connected applications using the Renesas Synergy Platform. The AE-CLOUD1 comes preloaded with the Renesas IoT Sandbox demo, to get up and running quickly. It couples with the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox, which enables connecting to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

We’ll also be showing the Over The Air (OTA) firmware update capability of the board.

We'll do introductions, give a short intro to the board and the overall setup, and then you dive into the tutorial, going at your own pace. You get the chance to work on your board, ask questions, and make progress right there.

Please register with Renesasrulz (https://renesasrulz.com/iot/f/iot-sandbox-forum), so you can begin taking advantage of tutorials and other information available.

2 Ways to Win Free or Heavily Discounted IoT Hardware

  1. We’ll be doing a giveaway at the meetup for 2 Renesas AE-CLOUD1 kits ($139.95 value). You must be present to win.
  1. We'll give out coupons for 50% off the AE-CLOUD1 kits that you can use to order online after the meetup.

Plus pizza, sodas, coffee, water... available for free for all attendees!

  • Do you think they need to bring a Windows 10 or Windows 7 laptop? Or, can they get through the workshop with a Mac, Linux, iPad, Android tablet? The attendees won't be able to program the board effectively without a Windows laptop, but they can probably get through the Medium One configuration. Though, I don't think the board will mount on a Mac.

    If we want everyone to bring a Windows machine, it might be good to specify that requirement.
  • In reply to codetricity:

    I'm using a Win10 laptop. I will test on a Mac laptop, which should work, too. I'll confirm and edit the post tomorrow.
  • In reply to Jesse Casman:

    I don't think the Mac laptop will work. Did you try it with a new AE-CLOUD1 board? How did you move the MediumOne config file to the AE-CLOUD1 MCU board with a Mac. Can you mount the AE-CLOUD1 board as a USB drive using the Mac laptop?

    I think you may need to say that a Windows 10 laptop is required.

    They were able to get by in the last meetup with a Mac because they didn't have to mount the S5D9 board for the BugLabs tutorial, which was the default application for the previous kit.

  • In reply to amjad:

    @amjad, are you saying you're interested in the meetup tonight? By all means, please come by, we should have enough AE-CLOUD1 boards for everyone, you'll get a chance to work through the tutorial and try it out yourself. Please bring a windows laptop with you. But you don't need to have anything pre-installed. Hope to see you tonight!