Renesas Synergy™ Software Package (SSP) 1.3.3 and new GUIX Studio now available

Just got this in my inbox - 

1.3.3 of the Renesas Synergy™ Software Package (SSP) is now available from the Synergy Gallery website.

A new version of GUIX Studio has been released and is now available for download at the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery.

  • people should be aware that they'll be working with two code bases as starting points for the AE-CLOUD1 development. The first is the S5D9 Diagnostics Intelligence with WiFi and OTA. This available on GitHub here.  This code uses BSP for Synergy 1.3.0.  It also requires E2 studio 6.1.0.  Make sure you use the exact same Synergy version and e2 Studio version when compiling the code for that project.

    The second project is the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox Application project. This is available from Renesas here.  This uses the 1.3.2 BSP.


    If people are new to Synergy, BSP stands for Board Support Package.