AE-CLOUD1 Feb Meetup Tutorial Part 1

This guide is an updated version of the S5D9 Diagnostics Intelligence Tutorial, originally written by Medium One, with some modifications added.

In this guide, you will learn how to set up an AE-CLOUD1 kit with Renesas IoT Sandbox with either Ethernet or WiFi. Then, you’ll login and view temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration, and noise level data on the Dashboard.  You will also receive daily email reports at midnight with the sensor data and other statistics.


  1. Renesas AE-CLOUD1 Kit (Order Here)
  2. Qualcomm GT202 WiFi module
  3. Micro USB cable to power up the board
  4. Windows computer
  5. Ethernet Cable with Internet access or WiFi



Click here to activate the kit and complete the registration process to create a Renesas IoT Sandbox account preloaded with the workflows. Once activation is completed, you will receive an email with your account credentials needed to provision the kit and access the cloud portal.

This email will include your:

  • Renesas IoT Sandbox web login
  • API Key
  • MQTT Project ID
  • MQTT Registration User ID
  • Registration User password

The email will also include a .txt attachment that you will drag into your board to auto-enroll in a later next step. To learn more about how auto-enrollment works, view Appendix C.


This kit allows you to choose to connect the board to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet. First, check the board whether there is a connection via Ethernet cable. If you want to connect via Ethernet, connect the Ethernet cable then skip to the next step.

Alternatively if there is no Ethernet connection, the board will try to connect via WiFi. To be able to connect to WiFi, you’ll need a Qualcomm GT202 WiFi module attached to the board. The following steps will instruct you how to set this up and specify the WiFi credentials.

Make sure the jumper for the PMOD is on 3.3V like this:

Connect the Wi-Fi module to the AE-CLOUD1 board

Plug your AE-CLOUD1 board into your Windows computer and it should show up as a USB Drive. Open the folder.

Note: There may be other files also in the directory.

Create a new text file ‘wifi.txt.’ Open the file.

On the first line, type in the WiFi SSID you want the board to connect to. On the second line, type in the WiFi password, then Save.

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Wifi Connection

Wait 90 Seconds After Plugging the Board In

When you first plug the board in, nothing happens. Wait 90 seconds.

Keep waiting for LED status lights.

In my tests, the Amber light comes on after 12 seconds. This indicates that the board is waiting for WiFi to be connected.

After 22 seconds since the USB power is plugged in, the board connects to WiFi and successfully connects to Renesas IoT Sandbox Data Intelligence. In my tests, the amber and green LEDs are solid for about 1 second, then the amber LED goes off and the green LED stays on.

When everything is working properly, the LED will be green. This is what you want to see.

Here’s a video of a successful boot sequence and connection to Renesas IoT Sandbox Data Intelligence.