AE-CLOUD1 Renesas IoT Sandbox Tutorials

There are three tutorials for AE-CLOUD1 on the Renesas IoT Sandbox Data Intelligence blog.


How to Flash The AE-CLOUD1 Board to Factory Default - step by step guide to flash the AE-CLOUD1 S5D9 board with the factory default image.


AE-CLOUD1 OTA Tutorial - AE-CLOUD1 kit has OTA (over-the-air) firmware update capability.  This guide will show you how to do OTA update instead of manually dragging the .srec files onto the board.


AE-CLOUD1 Diagnostics Intelligence With Synergy SSP 1.3.2 and WiFi - set up an AE-CLOUD1 kit with Renesas IoT Sandbox with either Ethernet or WiFi. Then, you’ll login and view temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration, and noise level data on the Dashboard.