Improving AE-CLOUD1 Diagnostics Intelligence Tutorial

Several of us are trying to improve the AE-CLOUD1 Diagnostics Intelligence Tutorial to make it easier for attendees of the February 22, 2018 meetup in San Jose. This is the default binary shipped on the S5D9 board as part of the AE-CLOUD1 kit. If you only have the S5D9 board, you flash the board with the AE-CLOUD1 factory image using this tutorial.

Here are my notes from going through the tutorial twice and talking to another person that went through the tutorial. Please post additional suggestions for improvement in this thread. We would like people to go through the tutorial in 30 minutes so we can run through the Over The Air Firmware Upgrade tutorial in the time remaining.


Real-Time Events Widget

In STEP 5, LED Toggle and Blink, there is a reference to “Real Time Events Stream” widget.

This widget is not shown by default. The tutorial should be modified to add the “Real Time Events Stream” widget.

The "Real Time Events Stream" widget should look like this.


Paste Sample Python Script

In the same section, when it shows to copy and paste the script into the “script” text area, it should indicate that the default code snippet should first be deleted.


Update Sample Period

Also suggest that the “update sample period” be part of the meetup tutorial. Maybe set it to 3 minutes. In the MediumOne tutorial, it is an optional step. Suggest we make it a required step.

Remove Microphone Sticker

We should tell the meetup participants to take the sticker off the microphone.


Config Data Streams

Under Config -> Data Streams, emphasize that people need to both check and save the event.



Tag Config for Voice Processing


we should make it more obvious that the person needs to refresh their browser window.


Also suggest we tell them to use the search box and search for “voice”