Interrupt calling from HEW

Hello All,


My problem statement = How to call ISR function automatically when interrupt will get generated ( in HEW) ?

As per knowledge, In HEW, there is "intprg.c". This .c contains all the functions with interrupt name. 

and in "vecttbl.c" , there is a function pointer named "void (*INT_Vectors[])(void)". and this function body contains address of all the functions which are present in "intprg.c".


So, I have called my "CAN_Ch_1_TX_ISR()" in interrupt function present in ""intprg.c".


So I enabled all interrupts in code. but when interrupt is generated, "CAN_Ch_1_TX_ISR()" not gets called automatically?


Is there any HEW setting needed to do for this?

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